Dr. Eric Heegaard
Gynecologic Surgeon

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Patient Testimonials

From www.ratemds.com

Dr. Heegaard is the best. He was there for me and my husband with any questions that we had. He took all the time that we needed and didn't push us out the door. If he didn't know the answere, he would not make something up. He would do research and let you know what he found. He was very thoughtful during my very hard pregnancy. He gave us all the options, pros and cons, and let us choose the best way to continue. If something didn't work, we went back to the drawing board together. He is very caring and if you are looking for someone who can bring light to a stressful situation, he's your Doc. I honestly cannot say enough good things about Dr. Heegaard and I wish that he could deliver all my babies!!! We moved and we are having a hard time finding someone who can compare with Dr. Heegaard. 

Dr. Heegaard performed my hysterectomy using the DaVinci Robot. The first opinion I got said the surgery had to be done with a large incision because my uterus was so large due to fibroids. My recovery was very easy. I am very thankful I found Dr. Heegaard. Would strongly recommend him to anyone needing surgery.


I just had my fibroids removed via the Davinci Method. Dr. Heegaard is the best. He truly believes in being a partner in all aspects of my care. I was surprised when he actually called me with minor test results.  I am so used to having more contact with the assistants rather than the physician. He is one of the old fashion doctors and I am looking forward to him delivering our last child.


I just had my fibroids removed via the Davinci method. Dr. Heegard is the best. He truly believes in being a partner in all aspects of my care. I was surprised when he actually called From www.vitals.com

Dr.Heegaard is an exceptionally gifted person. He is so caring and has such a dynamic personality. I would recommend him highly.He found and diagnosed me with Cervical Cancer and performed surgery so quickly after the diagnosis that he caught the cancer in the earliest stage. I never needed any further treatment.I thank him everyday for being alive.

Very helpful and knowledgeable. Took all the time I needed. Did my hysterectomy laproscopically and I went home the same day

From www.mamapedia.com

I second Eric Heegaard at OBGYN West in EP. He is FANTASTIC! He spent over an hour talking to me my first visit making sure I understood everything - even drawing me diagrams. I've never known a dr. who would spend that much time you, making sure all of your questions were answered and that you were comfortable with everything before you left. He also really listens to your concerns and addresses them rather than being condescending. He's incredibly kind, patient and knowledgeable. I was a little nervous about going to a male OBGYN, but he put me at ease and now I would drive hours to see him if I ever moved away.